At Alma Montessori, we strongly believe that in order to have the best start in life children need healthy routines. our aim is to provide a balanced, nutritious and varied menu. We follow the recommended guidance for nutritional standards, providing all children with well-balanced food and drinks.

Here at Alma Montessori, our homemade food really is glorious! We choose local, seasonal, organic wherever possible. We provide our children with three freshly-prepared meals a day, made from scratch.  Snacks between meals are either fruit or vegetable. We design each meal to provide a healthy, balanced diet and there is plenty of choice to ensure children can enjoy their ‘five a days’!

Lunches incorporate food from different cultures, with different flavours and textures. Throughout the week we serve vegetarian, meat and fish dishes. A vegetarian option is available daily. We make childrens favourites, together with an appetising choice of new meals and flavours for the children to try.

Meal times are a social event at Alma Montessori. We eat with the children to help them develop healthy eating and social skills. Children are encouraged to manage their meal and to serve themselves to develop confidence and independence. They take part in setting up and clearing away, with support on hand to assist if needed.

Breastfeeding is encouraged and mothers are welcome to pop in throughout the day to breastfeed or bring in expressed breast milk.

For bottle fed children, you need to provide either ready made or powdered formula and sterilized bottles.

Weaning takes place in accordance with parents’ wishes and current recommendations.

We are happy to cater for individual dietary requirements and allergies.